Thursday, October 30, 2008

the Pinang Peranakan Mansion boasts the typical home of a Rich Baba a century back with a glimpse of their opulent lifestyle, and their many customs and traditions. With a commendable display of antiques and collectibles from back in the era, its one of the must-go places when visiting Penang. I have yet to step foot, but ive read that they hold private functions, and i think i would hold my birthday party there if i had the money.

i find peranakan ware really charming. ive always been amazed by my boss' collection of peranakan ware and jewellery. with delicate features and outbursts of colours, i can stare at them over and over again. i did a project on peranakan tiles once, and thats when i totally fell in love with the visual appeal. i have since collected a few pieces in my mind which i have been meaning to get. maybe when i finally get to do up my room then i'll have more reason to get them.

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