Tuesday, November 04, 2008

nat got me thinking a little. firstly, i cant possibly throw a party to mark my last day of work, mainly because well monetarily, its not practical that i throw a party when im officially jobless and still need money for my upcoming trips. secondly, im too busy surfing the net at work and chatting with who and who that i really dont have the time to actually organize a party. and yah, i dont really feel like organizing a party for myself.

so anyway, 15th marks my last day, and its also a saturday! which means, i could prob last till 2am :) instead of inviting people to my party, i'll invite people to party with me! now i just gotta think about where.

ok goodbye.

i am nadi; :] at 11:47 PM



at 3:59 AM Anonymous sel said...

sounds like we're in the same boat, i didn't have a graduation party too and being jobless doesn't help.


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