Monday, November 03, 2008

oh hi, i had a fantastic weekend :) from great great thai food, to charades, to barbeque, to late night ghost stories, to stayovers, to having bryani with a chef, to shopping shopping shopping and buying great a coat at only $90(!), to having last minute ice cream, and to falling sick all over again. my late weekend nights are not helping, but theyre good fun and i like that they keep me busy.

our dreamer finally came, and now i need more reasons to go out!

i bought this specially for japan. i wanna snap fuji-san with it. thank god it came on time.

next saturday marks my last day of work, and looking at the calendar, its just one weekend away :) i can start counting down from 10 tomorrow! and then +5 for japan! i heard its already a chilly 13 degrees now :/ i really hope i fully fully recover so i can go headbanging and not have to worry about anything there.

i am nadi; :] at 11:39 AM



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