Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ok, i know this is post is waaaaayyyy overdued, but 2008 has come and gone, and we are now 3 good months into 2009. ive heard many people say that 2009 will be a good year, but seems like the current economic situation is making most of them choke back on their words. times are bad, and im more than thankful to god (and my boss :/) that i still do have a job. ive been fortunate to have been, and still am, able to travel and see the magnifico! wonders of nature and the world. being stuck in a fast-paced environment leaves no room for air, so the short getaways really do help at times. most times.

i know singapore has her own beauty, but living here, you tend to let these pass you day by day without even noticing them. i prefer it that way anyway. its ok that i ignore my own country's beauty, so that when i do go on a holiday, it'll actually feel like a holiday.

anyway, random, but here are my favourite sunsets of 2008. im gonna keep a list starting from now for 2009!

koh lanta sunset

koh lipe sunset

i think my favourite sunset till date would probably be the first one i saw in koh lanta. yes, i have a favourite sunset, only because the sun sets every single day, and its only fair that i get to pick my favourite :)

second would be in the tailboat on the way to koh lipe.

and third would be high up on viewing gallery at MoMa Tokyo.

it could be that im cheating by just mentioning the places that ive been to for my recent holidays, but thats about as much as i can remember of my memorable sunsets.


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