Saturday, May 30, 2009

shopping is the one thing i cant seem to control, and shoes are my ultimate weakness. the great singapore sale just started, and already, i can feel my pockets getting lighter and lighter. and its only been 2 days. but having said that, im ecstatic with my newest buy from the recent club 21 sale! i got myself a pair of tsumori chisatos and cant wait to have them on my feet and out the door :)

ive never really heard of her (till i got my shoes), but it didnt really matter at that time cos they had my name stamped, no engraved, chiseled, and i just had to, had to get them. i got them for quite a steal too, at only SGD170, when it used to retail for about SGD900 or so. i wouldve been over the moon if they had brought in dries van noten's wedged oxfords, but thank god they didnt, cos that wouldve burned a bigger hole :/

i got myself the tan (cos that was the only one available), but im really liking the other colours they come in!

sigh sigh sigh. time to stop shopping now. within a span of 2 days, ive already spent SGD300 on shoes (yes i bght 2 other pairs), and some more on a pair of pants, a shirt, and.... yoga wear!

despite having started my exercising phase, i havent seem to be losing any weight. in fact, it feels like ive been gaining much more. maybe i should really just stop eating altogether :/

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at 3:41 PM Anonymous izk-ed said...

gorgeous shoes la


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