Tuesday, January 31, 2006

now what.

4 Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life
friggin waitress
graphic designer

4 Movies You Could Watch Over And Over Again
a walk to remember (i love ok)
lord of the rings
spanish apartment

4 TV Shows You Love(d) To Watch
The OC
whose line is it anyway

4 Places You’ve Lived

4 Places You’ve Been On Vacation To
thailand - bangkok, phangan, phuket, hatyai
indonesia - jakarta, surabaya, bandung, batam?
malaysia - kay el, kay el ,kay el, malacca, etc etc
vietnam - danang, saigon
(and more and more)

4 Places You Would Rather Be At Now
in bed
new york, new york :)

4 Of Your Favourite Foods
bell peppers

4 Websites You Visit Daily
this one

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Monday, January 30, 2006

i miss you babe :(

come back soon please.

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happy birthday sel :)

lets hope we get back to school together.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

out of curiosity, i tried this out. its from one of those fortune telling machines you find along the streets where you stick your hand in the machine's mouth (yes the machine has a mouth!) and somehow, its mouth will taste the fortune of my life.

here's what it says, in case you cant really see (the ones in red are my personal comments on how good this machine's taste buds are).

THE MOUTH OF TRUTH tells you that

1. You often prefer quantity to quality where food is concerned.

well, if youre talking abt pre-menstrual, yes, give me any amount of food and i'll be more than glad to gobble it down. ooo boy, will i. i'll gobble it down like a fat kid gobble cake. on other days, i dont really eat that much. *shurgs*

2. You have an excellent capacity for recovery.

it really depends what im suffering from in the first place. but my patience can usually take a load of crap. so yes, i have space for crap, and space to recover from crap, so bring it on.

3. You are unparalleled where precision logic and analysis are concerned.

yea... i hit bull's eye most times.

4. The opposite sex is emotionally susceptible to your charm and will often help you.

heh. no shit?

5. You find it difficult to apply yourself to something constructive and you rapidly lose interest in what you are doing.

no comments, you stupid machine.

the chart at the bottom is a rating of my life life, love life, luck life, health life and sex life from 1-9 (dont ask why they didnt just make it 10). lady luck is in the house. and like i have always said, i have no life. so my life life, ranks the lowest at a 3.

ok, back to reality.

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see thy blue rabbits running through blue skies?

look closely.

and feast thy minds with such lovely pleasure :)

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Friday, January 20, 2006

after proving to almost everyone that im being overworked, and definitely underpaid, everyones still wondering why im hanging on.

how to tell u tell me??? jialat siah.

anyway that aside, someone used the word 'wholesome' on me today (tonight, rather). stunned me to death. i jumped right out of my seat and stared blankly at the dude "wholesome???" ok no, seriously. wholesome??? no one's ever used that on me, cos well, its pretty obvious that wholesome doesnt go with what they see.

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im so pretty, and witty, and gay.

oh so pretty.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

*credit: nogoodnames

i need to get a new sketchbook.

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ok seriously. something is making me feel damn agitated and i know typing it out aint gonna help, but fuck. i fell tremors going down my neck, spine, arms, fingers, legs (whole friggin body lah). like parkinson's siah.

*touch wood touch wood.

what's this that's missing?


i am nadi; :] at 1:50 AM


its making my tummy feel wierd :(

and i cant seem to figure out what it is.

oh, and the rain is back :)

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its ok to speak proper english with a lah behind, but pronouncing the word sure, as 'swerr', or sugar, as 'sooger'?

and to think people who speak that way are hired by big names to 'represent' our country (and they're paid big bucks mind you), and you wonder why singapore is still promoting 'learn how to speak mandarin'? maybe they should start with 'learn how to pronounce your goddamned alphabets for chirssakes'.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

im itching from mosquito bites. i think the rain left some really mean breeding space for them bloodsuckers.

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she calls it, Stranger.


*credit : ElectronCloud

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today, is monday.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

the sun finally showed up today. it was warm.

i miss wearing jackets and getting my shoes eeky wet. i miss wriggling toes in my stripey toe socks before i go to bed. i miss feeling the cold air outside, and the warm inside. i miss walking in the rain with droplets running down my cheeks. i miss the tip tap patter patter on my zinc roof in the balcony.

i miss the rain already.

oh do come and visit us again soon :)


people who forget my birthdate, should be shot. tsk tsk.

and full-timers should be shot too.

and so should big fat 17 year old chingchongs.

sel, what can i get you for your birthday? perks, sel's one comes first. so u gotta hang on for yours ;)

*yawn. stretch. burp.*


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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

check this out.

babe, this ones especially for you ;)


i am nadi; :] at 2:47 PM


its been raining for days, and im shivering, right up to my goddamned bones.

i love the rain.

but hate them shoes when they get too wet. eeky and cold.

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i dedicate today, to life back then.

they are the people whom you rarely see, or meet up with, but yet, when theyre right in front of your face, it seems like they never left. i love that warm feeling of familiarity. the faces, the voices, the hugs, the smiles, the screams, and even the glares. certain things will always remain the same. its that part of your heart that remains untouched by the movement of time.

much love to those that were present <3

amd who ever thought that such a solemn occassion could end up so... fun.

and now, life goes back to what it was.

i am nadi; :] at 12:18 AM


Monday, January 09, 2006

i was woken up by a msg this morning, which kept me up, just thinking. it was only 8, and i found it impossible to get back into bed.

and so she went. on the journey back to where she belonged, where we all belong. i knew her once, and well, i didnt like her very much. but now, it really doesnt seem to matter, because once youre gone, youre gone.

what kept me up was how the whole situation was gonna be like back in kc. the school would spend a day (or 2) in mourning, and wierd as it may seem, i miss the closeness it brought us. even though ive left the school for sometime already, this morning, something lifted my heart and suddenly, it all came back to me, all over again.

ms devi, rest in peace.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

its pouring outside, and ive been woken up to earn meself some money. at this point, i hate the feeling of earning. put me back to sleep, please.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

actually, i dont like you that much.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

forever young, i wanna be forever young.

and now im another year closer to being wiser, not older.

its the year oh-six, and i know im a tad too late, but i was avoiding the blog traffic of new year wishes and resolutions. much has happened in oh-five, and i guess i could say it was quite a tremendous year. from major project deadlines, to late night partying, to friendship rollercoaster rides, to parental suicide cases, and to new found frontiers (ok the last one is bull crap. new found frontiers? bah.) oh and lets not forget to mention, it was the year i stayed and extra sem in tp, and graduated, even in the same bloody year.

many thanks to those whos been there for me the past year. through whatever nonsense i got myself into.

so in pure randomness;

to sel, thanks for the 3 (three and a half for me) great years in tp. school and boring classes wouldnt be the same without you. and whats printing at peace without breakfast at macs? i miss you again already.

perkie werkie, i know u secretly read my blog cos youre stalking me. but life wont be the same without you. nuff said. its much more than just a beeeyootifool friendship. *rolls ard and laughs like mad* ok no seriously. thanks for everything.

nad and din. you guys make it effortless. i love you too much. and nad, please dont leave :(

rashi. ure like a cookie. but i still love you anyway :) get out of camp lah.

sofi. youve been more than what you think you are to me. family, is an understatement.

for the many dinners and food fests that ive had, thank you isk. oh and thanks for the late night msn company. youre the epitome of piracy (and so are you perks).

and to herwin, time is no excuse for how much weve been through. weve got a whole journey ahead of us. but from where we stand now, you knock my socks off, and i'll love you endlessly for that. thank you for making a difference in my life.

and, to those that i failed to mention, thank you also. and sorry lah. next year i put your name k.

so, to a great oh-six ahead.

its been four days and im dying already. someone give me a job please.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

if you think that the world means nothing (or rather you mean nothing to the world), then fuck the world. live your life, for yourself, and noone else. it'll take time, till you notice, that the world really is everything to you, and you really are everything to the world.

don't be so morbid can. stop killing your innerself.

i am nadi; :] at 10:09 PM


too sweet :)

and i love you so.

i am nadi; :] at 10:02 PM


heh. you think you'll graduate? please lah, with that face of yours (yes, i mean PHYSICAL terms, THAT FACE of yours), i'll pray you get awarded for long service.

which you most prolly will.

eek. i hate your face. no really.

i am nadi; :] at 1:40 AM


Monday, January 02, 2006

ok, blogger sucks. somehow, im never able to post pictures in the sequence i want them to be. and boo to that. anyway, pics are from the dinner party a few nights back. lotsa food. lotsa company, and thank god, this time its healthier than the previous. and since blogger sucks, im in no mood to ramble on about it :( and boo to that too. please excuse the quality as, i dunno, we were too busy to snap better pictures.

fyi, the first one of the 2 sleeping, was taken after dinner. yes, what do you do after you eat? you sleep. ditto to that :)

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy 2006.

i had a great time last night :)

new years resolution: to get into uni or to get a job. need to get this fadass of mine workin on something. bumming just aint healthy. tsk tsk.

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