Monday, April 30, 2007

Since im at it, might as well post this one.

found this in my phone, like just.

credits of course to his most gracious, who did it all by himself on my phone.

its a rabbit world out there i tell yau.

i am nadi; :] at 11:14 PM


finally got my sty removed.

the pain, was excruciating.

anyway, whatevs. heres one eyed jack(y) at the eye ctr waiting patiently by herself for mummah to come get her, and later on at home with parrot perched on ze shol-dah.

so long pirates.

consider yourself lucky for being able to see mr rabbit. i dont usually advertise him.

i am nadi; :] at 11:06 PM


Thursday, April 19, 2007

too sweet :)

(mac does not allow me to use italics while posting entries, so quoting wld have to be in roman).

"and my dear,

i'm so proud of you for making to where you are today
though work may be tough but you're building up
you're preparing yourself for a better future
thus the first few steps ain't the easiest
though i weren't there to be amazed by your works
i saw how you climb up, how you fought for it
continue and stay healthy and be happy alright
(even the most emotional times, can be happy too.
cause it makes you feel so real. doesn't it? i miss you".

i just HAD to post that :) been awhile since someone said something that meaningful to me, and it ends my day quite well now, considering ive had a rough day at work today and am shagged to the bone.

its making me miss you an awful lot :(

i am nadi; :] at 12:34 AM


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

quick one.

i am currently, a GRADUATE.
i have gone from unemployed, to employed (with an income not to be proud of :/) yet. i hope.
i think i might go blind one of these days.
life has gone back to how it was before.
i see familiar faces that ive missed the past few months or so.
new faces too :)
i am dying for a holiday but am currently not able to afford one.

ok i think thats it.

my apologies to those who read this space to catch up on my life. been too occupied with post-graduation activites and late night dates with my love. i have no drive to update and post pictures cos i would rather watch korean shows and burn holes in my pocket. theres lots to update, but at this point, i shan't make promises on whether or not i would ever come around posting them pictures. i'll check back on comments once in awhile. will still be somewhere around lah ah.

so take care you'all. i'll be back, when i feel i like it :)

i am nadi; :] at 11:51 PM