Sunday, July 30, 2006

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i made some yummy raspberry vanilla cupcakes for the picnic (to celebrate bimz, carmel's and my 21st) and they turned out pretty darn fine!

makes 12. serve with lemon cream for better satisfaction!

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tomorrow. wait for tomorrow. more pictures and maybe a proper update coming up.

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its a custom-made plush from plushism. it doesn't look like me now, more of like me then. but my rabbits still there and i love.


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Friday, July 28, 2006

this was from the other day.

you can never get too much brinjals ;)

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okay, so the day is finally over, and truthfully, im too tired to actually do this, but i cant stand the excitement. i have to, have to, HAVE TO say that, ive got a FISHEYE 2! yep thats right. 2!

much thanks to my 3 most favourite ppl in the world, you know who you are (okay nvm, i'll just say who you guys are so you get some credit okay. perks, dee and herwin!). i love you guys to bits. mucho mucho mwah.

okay, so it was a whole morning and afternoon of school (sch was terrible by the way. grr), and a late (really late) lunch at TCC with nat and pingping. after that got dragged down to east coast by perks and dee (with no regrets whatsoever), got my fisheye (2!), played by the sea for awhile, headed home, then early supper at simpang with family+mak adi. only 2hrs of sleep since last night, i can hardly figure out if what im typing actually makes sense. hence, the pictures (cos a picture paints a thousand words!).

okay so bye. tomorrow is,


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


i am very much in love with this song. very much for now.

i think im going to boston, to start a new life.

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here's what i had for lunch today. a whole plate of eggplant, and my trusty yakult. all things purple.

bring on the brinjals! im lovin em!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

okay, news just came in about the UK trip. honestly, i could be much more excited than this. november is too soon. too soon mister.


but in all fairness, i cant wait for british gigs, train rides to everywhere, the gloomy weather, scottland, paris (its 2hrs from london yo!), hopefull y we get to travel further to spain and italy too. its gonna be a great month.

but why am i only this much excited.


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Monday, July 24, 2006

wohoe. its threethirtysix and i just hung up with sailor boy. he secretly still makes my stomach flutter (okay now its not a secret anymore). sailor boy calls once in a few years, but this is the second time he's called in 2 months, and thats a record. ocassional acquaintance at masjid, but sombong like hell, other than that, i guess there really isn't any reason for me to hate him (doesn't mean there's any reason for me to love him too yo).

okay whatever sailor boy. i still love your hair.


im reusing a project i did waaaay back when i was in my first year at tp. of course there's A LOT of ammendments to make, lets just say its about as good as starting from scratch (im actually just using the name of shop), but im lovin it quite a bit :)

okay enough of work. back to sleep. k bye.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

i miss feeling good about myself. its been a terrible week somehow (minus today), and i dont think next week will get any better.

i cant seem to focus on anything now.

i wish i could drive a fucking car.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

the king prawn chee cheong fun at sunshine plaza is to die for. too bad i cant satisfy my craving till monday.

no school, is un-cool.

but only when ure craving for king prawn chee cheong fun.

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my brother turns 18 today. the big one-eight.

too legal to be legal i say. tsk.

not long now, not long.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

this is screwed up, if you asked me.


..... ( so anyway,)

nafa has this system of mass mailing infinitely, so each and every time i check my email, there's something for me to look forward to (or rather not to look forward to). im not too sure if its just my school, or does every degree student have to go through the endless form-reading, form-filling, form-mailing (they have forms for practically every single project!) given by the university. okay, so loughbrough isn't exactly at my doorstep, and they require most of our forms (yes forms!) and projects to be couriered to them, but hey man, cut as some slack with the form-filling. its getting kinda weak.


then again, it could also just be crummy old nafa.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i did this for a creative thinking project almost two years back. i loved it very much and i dont know where it is :( its a vintage toaster with coloured bulbs in its slots which could glow endlessly (ok maybe not endlessly, but it'll glow for awhile, which is good enough).

find it i say!

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here's a little sneak peek into chop my bloody sticks.

more to come!

when im done that is.


today, a lot of thought went into talking. yes talking, and nothing more. i guess it all comes down to trusting yourself, knowing yourself, and preparing yourself (for whats gonna come next).

today, i spoke to 2 of my really good friends. i got some answers to questions that have been probing in my head. so thats done.

today, i learned that distance solves nothing if it only comes physical. and no absence will then grow fonder. so keep it. the distance.

and tonight, i had apple juice and it felt real good to have it down my throat. no really, it was yumm-mehh.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

my body stopped functioning for a good 2 minutes just now. and i mean really dead-man's-mass-cannot-move kind of stop functioning. it was kinda like full-on pins&needles overload. it didn't shock me or worry me that much though cos ive been having irregular meals (or rather no meals on certain days), and hardly any sleep, and i guess my health was taking a toll on me. but its okay lah, seriously. its quite motivating that i can lose 3kilos in say, one and a half (ok lets make it two) days. its not that im starving myself or any of that sort, but theres just too much going on these days that food really is the last thing on my mind. and if it does, it'll be about 2 or 3 am in the morning, and then, i'll be too lazy to eat.

having said this, im starting to feel kinda hungry. i shall go heat up some fish soup and maybe do some work.


there is no fish in my soup!

i was watching armageddon earlier and let me tell you keks, i will cry and cry and cry no matter how many bloody times i watch it. its so bloody sad lah.

and liv tyler is friggin hot. friggin friggin friggin hot.


im having thoughts about converting to livejournal.

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every love story has to end, and i guess this ones no exception.


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Sunday, July 16, 2006

okay, so i slothed my whole day away, doing nothing particularly productive (if you consider reading almost eighty percent of the entries at productive, then good on me!), and now im still staring at my screen, pointblank.

thing is, ive got an abstract (its a summary of a dissertation) dued tom, and im suffering from a major case of writer's block (blog), and i cant help but choke on every distracting thought that crosses my already lagging mind. so this continuous choking is holding my fingers back, and so are my fingernails. i wanna just hold my horses (oh wait, im not even riding on one. i just realised im not even moving!) and watch some damn good 'ol videos.

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dissertation kinda led me to this. hur hur. im so bloody distracted.

7 Random Facts About Me
1. i dislike cats, or anything that has fur for that matter.
2. i can live without sleep .
3. ive got a flatbluerabbit (no seriously).
4. i wish to sell my talent someday.
5. im allergic to sulphur.
6. i only smoke menthol.
7. im too fickle minded for my own good.

7 Things That Scares Me
1. God.
2. death.
3. life.
4. loss.
5. time.
6. cats dogs hamsters.
7. money money money. and ghosts :(

7 Random Music At The Moment
1. fix you - coldplay
2. boston - augustana
3. all my only dreams - the wonders
4. how to save a life - the fray
5. saeglopur - sigur ros
6. nothing better - postal service
7. mono - fightclub

7 Things I like The Most
1. sleeping with my rabbit
2. walking in the rain
3. coffee and tea
4. sigareds
5. my sketchbook
6. that feeling after staying up a whole night, when youre at your highest peak.
7. the sleep after

7 Things I Say Most
1. ha really ah
2. then how
3. whatever la
4. what
5. wah damn tired siah.
6. fuck lah
7. ya okay.

7 Things I want for my birthday (i added this bit myself. hehe.)
1. white lacoste loafers
2. dkny - be delicious
3. new birkies
4. i need a new watch
5. ok you know what. im having a real hard time filling this up. so whatever.
6. next,
7. $5000.

goodnight and go. go go go!

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i miss my nad and i want her back here many many :(

i shall go make myself a birthday list to cheer myself up.

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so im stuck in reverse somewhere, with history on re-wind, with just a change of character and situation. well actually, the situations about the same, more or less. i mean how different could it be.

sigh sigh sigh.

im too drained out about whats gonna come out of it this time, and i hardly wanna spend any extra time even brooding about it, but i cant help but feel torn in between strangers and friends.

yes, strangers and friends, with no line drawn in between. i guess communication is the way to go (alright! com-youu-nee-kayyy-sheerrnnn! yes yes.) but there are doubts about it too. too much to say, and too little to say, what to say, and what not to say. but i guess it boils down to trusting noone but yourself and knowing whats ethically right in your mind. if being selfish is the way to go, then be it. cos thinking about others around you will only leave you with nothing 'cept nothingness. and how cool is nothingness? too damned faaar from cool i say. so forget your expectations (for those with any), erase the line between strangers and friends (cos there aint no line dammit! your friends can be bloody strangers!), and mayyyybe go read some books. cos maybe when you do, only then will you see the world, wide lens style. say hello to the world, and whatever back to you.

on another note, friends being strangers and strangers being friends, leaves you only with, what you call true friends. as cliche as it may sound, there will always be that small number of friends that stick by you through thick and thin (and for better or worse), whom you can always count on to 'go toilet with you'. these are the only pple worth giving a second thought about, the only people worth lending fifty cents to for teh tarik, the only pple you would drive home if you had a car, the only pple whom you should shed a tear or two for.

so since the situation ended abruptly, so will this. we'll wait and see where this goes.

im gonna go write my dissertation.

whatever and bye.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

okay, so baybeats couldve been better i think. wanted to stay for poptart, but i figured i should save some cab fare and head on home first.

im giving tonight a miss since ive got work, so maybe sunday will be better.


i really cant stand you sometimes.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Its midweek and its been great (cosidering ive got a submission dued tom), and its gonna continue in its greatness cos this weekend, its Baybeats :)

for now, back to work.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

coldplay, was way beyond friggin awesome. they couldn't have put up a better show. fantastic sound and graphics, almost brought me to tears. phew. mabuk okay. had goosepimples throughout the whole damned show. even dee (who happened to be selling coldplay merchandise) converted to being a coldplay fan (uh huh! dee lei!). she got about as close to chris martin as i am to my screen now. FOR FREE (she even got paid 60 bucks at the end of it)!

just fuckin awesome.

there was definitely nothing to fix (fix you! get it get it?) at the end of it.




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Thursday, July 06, 2006

so, im working on this project. i dont quite know what its about yet. but i'll get there soon i hope.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


i have absolutely no reason to miss you,

but i do.

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naah bei.

(sleepy lah sia). the stupid match lives up to its name, and im too tired to read up on the articles for my dissertation. which has to be done by thursday. i have 48 hours. and for the next 6 hours (during which i intend to sleep), i really am not gonna bother about charles darwin and the bloody evolution of men, or the wright brothers with their damned flying toys. i dont give two flying hoots abt it (not for the next 2 minutes that is).

whatever lah.

saturday is durian day. okay actually, its between durian in desaru, wedding dinner with mummeh, schoolwork, or work work. if i had a choice, it'll be none of the above. ahmad wants durian, and im the only available one who's able to accompany him, mummeh doesnt wanna go for dinner alone, schoolwork is piling up, and im broke. i sort of wanna either do all of them, or none of them.

fuck lah. i think i shall sleep, and you, will in no right mind, enter my dreams tonight. i forbid you, i forbid you, so go away (not like youre not already doing it).

go away.

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i was sitting by my dining looking for some stuff for school. realised that maybe the stuff that i was frantically searching for, was in one of the many boxes in my room. so i dug and i dug, and i huffed and i puffed, and i blew the smoke out (sorry i just had to say that), and i ended up cleaning out a quarter of the junk in my room. and that, took me a good 3 hours. maybe it wasnt even a quarter. i think a fifth of the junk wouldve made the match. which leaves me to ask oh-so-politely, would someone be so kind to help me with the rest of the junk? i would kindly appreciate any takers, and he/she will be treated with a.. err.. meal. somewhere.

ok seriously, i need help cleaning up my room cos i really need the extra prada space (i love how that sounds).

so ring me, and you shall be nourished well.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

"This country no good. People no good. When I sell food, I wear badge. Smile. I smile. I go Woodbridge. Got poster. Smile. I smile. I see Woodbridge doctor. He say how many percent become better, how many percent don't become better. He smile. I smile. I see social worker. She say how many percent must take medicine only for few months, how many percent must take always. If daughter mad, how many percent mother also mad. She smile. I smile. I go home, I see mirror. I smile. I cannot laugh. I cannot cry. Because I only know how to smile. I only know how to smile".

An excerpt from Corridoor by Alfian Sa'at

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

i cant seem to get anything out of it, and im running desperately along the timeline.

chop my bloody sticks dammit.

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my say on the finals; france vs germany,
tu es francais.
watch and see :)

anyway, im contemplating about crowbar.

i dont wanna spend 20 bucks (esp when im this broke) on each project that im gonna submit,

(repeat the above) + its not like as though im gonna win.

entering a competition is one of the requirements (its a damn requirement. requirement! mind you) for school this term, so might as well?

oh, dang it.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

next up, dissertation.

Main Entry: dis·ser·ta·tion
Pronunciation: "di-s&r-'tA-sh&n
Function: noun
: an extended usually written treatment of a subject;
specifically : one submitted for a doctorate

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